Website Enhancements

If your website is more than a few months old, chances are, you've been thinking about some upgrades. If you're an artist, writer or performer, you may find that your current website is too hard to update with your new exhibit or price information. Or maybe you want to have a blog, with custom features you can't get at a general site. Whatever your needs, Moto-Zulli is ready to deliver!

Customer Convenience

Do you find yourself burning time and money answering the same questions each day? If you have information you'd like to disseminate to your customers, Moto-Zulli can help you build a database and search system that will put that information in the hands of those who need it, your customers. Dealer locators, event calendars, menus, and news can all be organized for web delivery. Let Moto-Zulli save you money while building customer loyalty.

Premium Content

Offering something extra—whether it's a newsletter, special offers, or exclusive content in a password-protected area—can help build your website from a backwater to a must-see destination.

Whatever your business, chances are that your biggest competition is from national chains and their giant advertising budgets. The internet, though, is a great equalizer, helping small businesses look as big as anyone! By putting in a little effort and very little money, you can reach each of your customers on a regular basis, offering coupons, specials, and tips to lure them into your store. This allows you more time to do what small businesses have always done best, create a personalized experience for their customers.

E-mail Newsletter

E-mail advertising can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers, clients, or donors, informing them of new products or services, and helping them make use of what you've already given them. An e-mail newsletter is like your website, but different enough that you should have it formatted and delivered by an experienced service. We have been doing e-mail newsletters for years, and have learned a thing or two about getting your news out without ending up in the spam box!

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Mailing List Sign-up

E-mail advertising starts with a mailing list, which is most easily collected on your website. Moto-Zulli can set up a mailing list generator that collects any of the information you need to boost your business mailings, including snail mail addresses and telephone/cell numbers. To start an e-mail list, click here:   Go to Page

Members Only Web Area

People love secrets, so hiding some of your best content behind a password can help your customers feel special. By offering content in a password-protected area, you can track where registered customers go on your website. Also, when you offer premium content in a secure area, customers may be willing to tell you more about themselves and their needs than they would otherwise. This empowers you to adjust your business to their wants, without having to conduct costly market research.

If you alreay plan to offer premium content, putting it into a password protected area is just a step away. Parlay your effort into a big payoff.


Many businesses depend on personal contact to maintain ties to customers or fans. Writing a blog can be a great way to connect with others in a way that is at once more personal, and less exclusive than a newsletter. Blogs are a kind of internet diary that covers a subject that the writer thinks will interest others. Maybe you're a hairdresser who wants to tease her clients with her latest gossip, or a used bookseller whose customers want to hear your thoughts on your latest acquisitions. For this kind of more conversational writing, a blog might be a better vehicle than a newsletter. Caterers, travel agents, writers can all win new fans with the right kind of chatty and informative blogging.

Moto-Zulli can customize your blog to allow you to include pictures, recipes, links to your products, or tables. You can have a blog as part of a larger site, or free-standing; it's your own site, so it's all up to you!

Backend Features

If you'd like to update your site yourself or monitor your mailing list we can build a backend system to let you do what you want, the way you want to do it. Enter the latest promotional information, update your blog, change your menu, all using typical web forms. There's no need to learn the geeky details to keep your site fresh daily!