Re-designing Your Website

If you're not happy with the way your current website works, it may be time to chuck the dancing puppies and rainbow text, and, while you're at it, add a few enhancements to boost your business.

Make It Yours: Branding

A good website is a seamless extension of your business. The graphics on your website should match the sign on your door, the look of your print advertisements, company vehicles and receipts, and the uniforms or badges your employees wear. Your established customers may not mind a mismatch, but newcomers will be wary if your web pages don't look like the rest of your company. After all, how can they tell if this is really you, or just an impostor taking advantage of your good name?

Sample web Site

Brand­ing reflects the fundamental themes of the business or organ­ization, highlighting its core values and styles. This website evokes the tranquil­ity and charm of the Sam Hughes Neigh­bor­hood through its simple layout and the use of colors typical in the area.

A good web designer will go the extra mile to be sure that layout, spacing, color, typeface, and tone carry through seamlessly from your other business identifiers. This takes more time, but it is well worth the effort. The web designers at Moto-Zulli are well versed in how to achieve a branded look without breaking the bank.

Make it Easy: Information Structure

You have a website for a reason, but what is it? Now the big question: does your current site accomplish your aim? If not, maybe it's time for a tune-up.

Sample web Site

The menus of this web page are simple to understand. The top menu points out the major areas, while the "QuickLinks" side menu lists the most requested features.

Older websites sometimes suffer from a lack of focus, the cyber equivalent of a lunchroom bulletin board. Now is a good time to refine your organization, lose the outdated links and pages, and cut down on the clutter. We can help by creating a site that is easy to update without having to redesign it from the ground up, keeping te site fresh for years to come.

Make it Great: Content

Content is king on the web, and you're the best one to provide it. Think about all the things you say to customers over and over each day, like your return policy, your guarantees, your philosophy. All of these statements are an important part of your branding and identity, so include them to help your customers learn more about you. Jot down your ideas, and don't worry, we can spiff up your language and punctuation!

Images play a big role in making your pages attractive and distinctive, but they must be chosen and placed properly to avoid bogging down delivery and distracting from your message. Images that are blurry, dark, or out-of-date are best left out. Images that are too large will slow page loading and discourage web traffic, and should be compressed. Lots of imaging programs allow anyone to make "web-ready" photos and drawings, but the final formatting is best left to professionals who know how to optimize images for web presentation. We can produce computer-generated diagrams, images, and animations, or do traditional digital photography to add visuals for you.