Commercial E-mail

E-mail gets information to your customers in a form they can use, more reliably and inexpensively than any other method. E-mail promotions and newsletters allow you to link directly to content on your website and to provide images and news of interest to your customers. An e-mail allows you to focus on a single topic, or to present small nuggets to grab the reader's attention.

Our e-mail experience will help you produce an attractive publication and to deliver it efficiently to everyone who wants it (and no one who doesn't!).

Building a Mailing List

An online mailing starts the way any other one does, with a mailing list. To avoid problems with spam, the only responsible way to build a list is to ask your customers for their addresses. We can help you create your list with an online "opt-in" form or a paper form distributed to customers that will assure that all list members have knowingly subscribed to your list. We will also monitor each mailing to remove the names of any customers who wish to no longer receive your mailers. Careful upkeep of your list will assure that your mailings are never regarded as spam!

E-mail Newsletters

E-mail newsletters are a fast-growing and popular method of keeping up with news. Newsletters are typically the equivalent of one to a few printed pages, and contain all the rich content available on a website. In fact, e-mail newsletters are created in much the same way as web pages.

As with web pages, the cost of production is related to the complexity of the page, and the number of format changes that must be made from letter to letter. We recommend developing a template that can be used over and over.

Once we've designed a layout based on your web design, we can set up a content management solution for you to send the mailings yourself on your own schedule, or we can handle the entire process from beginning to end. To start an e-mail newsletter, just give us a call, and we can help you build your own online publication.

Text Messages

Text messages are short, text only snippets, so they can be read on a cell phone or smart phone, as well as a computer. Texting is perfect for more urgent content. Consider using a texting service to make announcements of new product arrivals, event invitations, and the like. For example, grocers or restauranteurs may want to publicize the shipment of a seasonal delicacy to build demand, while clothing stores can notify customers that a backordered style has arrived.

Using a combination of texting and e-mailing techniques, you have even closer contact with your customers than the typical big box or chain store, putting you way ahead of your competition. Call us to set up a program.