RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are specially constructed web pages designed to be read by software rather than humans. RSS is a way to feed announcements about changes in your website to your interested customers.

You've probably noticed little buttons that look like this: RSS Feed Icon, this: RSS Feed Icon, or this: RSS Feed Icon. These generally link to the RSS feed page of the site on which they appear. Anyone interested in your site can use software, web browsers or specialized applications called RSS viewers, to "subscribe" to your RSS feed. The software checks the RSS feed page for new material and notifies subscribers when your website has new content, providing a summary and a link to the new content. Click on the icons to see how your browser displays the content and click the links to see some examples of the kinds of content you can announce using feeds.

RSS feeds are especially useful if you make major changes to your site on an irregular basis, as in a blog, or if your site structure is complex enough that you can't announce every new thing on the front page. RSS feeds can be tailored to fit the interests of groups of users, so users can home in on the new content they most want to read. Most exciting, the feed can be used to automatically "syndicate" your content to other websites. Web authors use the RSS feed to announce your content on their sites, along with the links back to your site. This can help you attract new viewers, with no cost in money or time!

Moto-Zulli can provide an automated RSS feed system to your dynamic website, or a manual RSS generator to a site that you update manually.